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Ptora was named after a biblical settlement of the same name, that was uncovered by archeologists in 2004 near Moshav Sdeh Moshe, Israel.  The olive groves and vineyards from which olive oil and Ptora wine are produced were planted on the Tamir family farm over 40 years ago, next to the remnants of the ancient settlement.  Findings indicate that the area was historically a center for producing wine and olive oil.

​In 1976, the family planted the first olive trees on the farm: there are three varieties – Nabali, Picual, and Barnea.  They are grown naturally, without use of fertilizers and pesticides, and watered minimally.  After the olive harvest, the oil is produced by cold press and then the oil is stored in barrels for three months, allowing particles – which might cause oxidative damage to the oil – to sink to the bottom.  They are then removed, and so the end-product is high-grade olive oil. Throughout the whole process, we take great care to keep the oil from exposure to air and light, thus insuring the finest quality oil.